Cheeky Missy

Story of My Life?

(sonnet # CCCLXXVI)

While reason screams "...'tis folly!" in my ears;
Though all deny a chance exists. I know
Of course its all too true, and yet I go
With something like perversest glee too near
To hopelessness, and drink what causes tears,
Aye shame, afresh. As if defying might throw
The dreams scope from lies realms to truth's, although
It never does. I murmur they're too dear.
'Til mercif'lly, amidst death's schemes, Thy Word
Breaks through my consciousness, reminding me
Again of what first wooed my heart and stirred
True hope though yet unseen; the only key
That sets me free, aye lending peace: I've heard.
Bring me to see Thy face with joy, to Thee.