I Wake and Have No Father

I wake and have no father,
I search and search a little further,
I find only thugs pimps and pushers,
I settle but it dont feel so right,
I think I think all day and through out the night
I hide and cry thinking ill never find the true guider,
I wake and search a little harder,
I search and find myself getting a little worse than before,
I settle and settle some more,
I hide my cry and control it with uncontrollable substances,
Dripping with broken tears as I write these sentences
I'm alive and I ought to be more grateful that I still have chances
I wake and still have no father,
I'm tired and hopeless
So I search no more,
I surrender and settle for thugs pimps pushers and uncontrollable substances,
I care no more of my consequences
I'm done searching for more
The pain of searching is just so sore
isolating myself with the others not showing how sad and broken i truly am,
Seeking and being impatient frustrates me like spam
What is there left for me?
I'm lonely, hopeless, useless, worthless that's all I'll be
Got no sister,no brother, nor mother and especially no father
Why not end my life
Why not now?
I'm old and got no wife
I'm heading home
Once again alone
Ready to seize a kitchen knife
Soon ready to put an end to my miserable life
5, 4,3,2..
WAIT!! this man came
He saw me
"STOP! before you take your life! I need to ask you SOMETHING!"
He asked me if I knew a father
He began to share
In his voice it didn't sound fake, but seemed like he really cared
I dropped the knife
That would've taken my life
I listened attentively
He shared, and shared and told me a person
WHO loves me and you!
And I had no clue!
I searched this time
And this time, with all my heart
I seeked and found, I knocked and he opened
This is no religious or custom
I found a friend
And most of all, a father
Who's made my life better !!
He's the one I trust
He's the one I adore
He's the one I love
And he's from above!
The man settled me with a congregation who will never leave me
Who will comfort me
Who will welcome me
And who shows the love of our heavenly Father for all to see!
He takes me and you for who we are
He says we are more precious then a shooting star
He says we are his children
Who he has not forgotten
My misery days are over
My heart is healed and has recovered
Gone! With my misery and depression
Because He has died for all our affliction
I wake with joy in the morning
Dancing and praising
I am new! And the old has passed away!
I'm ready for my gift of days!
I hide none of his teachings and share with all my friends,
I didn't even have to go anywhere he was with me the whole time!!
And I know he'll be by my side Till the world ends
He's the God of the Broken!
That needs to be spoken!

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