Your Pictures

I might not really know what is behind your smile

Cannot also predict this specific wish in your eyes

Likewise the cultured and godly look on your face

But among other things, I admit I like your hair style

And this explains the proposals from a lot of guys

With your smile comes this communicable grace


I know you have this pure joy and happiness within

This comes naturally without you putting up any act

With or without a smile there this beauty around you

Another enviable quality is your smooth natural skin

Dear, that your beauty is natural, is an undeniable fact

You look gorgeous in gold though you like sea blue


It is clear to all that nothing really hides your beauty

Whether you are absent-mindedly looking far away

Gold, pink and great body shape, is the beauty I see

Your personality did add to your maid of honour duty

I so wish if possible you would be mine some day

Dear maid of honour, you are special, believe me