We cannot speak, through fear of death; They've come over us, like a poisonous flood.
Eating their food, it's filled with guilt; Grown and shipped out of greed.
Traitors! Still feeding me; You have no empathy, it's all your deceit.
Fucked over to the point of extinction; My tears have turned to blood.

Latest shipment filled with pain; With all your lies we wipe it clean.
Keep hiding the truth and your shame; Play the world like incompetent fools.
As they purchase, smile and pay you; While our children drown in tear-made pools.
You'll never sleep, ever again; If you'd one day see what I have seen!

After all the world has cried for us; They purchase on and smile.
As the money corrupts you forever; You'll stay blind and never see.
What you all have done to us; Pack of liars and thieves so vile!
While you say that you care, you deny us; We're far away as you want us to be.
Contract after contract is made; Gathered in a disgusting, deceit-filled pile.
Brazen handshakes fucked me again; They've paid their shame and killed me!