jvl narasimha rao



In this trouble torn. Grief stricken world

Only music can embalm my aching soul

When corruption and bribery are the order of the day

Goons and rowdies show me the real way

Even the judges succumb to dishonesty

Morals and ethics have lost their identity

The veena, the flute, the clarinet, the drums

And the guitar make a soothing effect to my ears

When there is   incredible symphony

The distinction between East

And west is totally lost

Only peace and harmony forever last


Music is more intoxicating than vine

It is undoubtedly divine

There is music in the blowing wind,

Flowing stream, chirping of birds,

The hissing of  snakes,

The bleating of a goat

And the beating of a heart

And the passing of blood to each human part

But understanding the synchronization is a difficult art