The three pillars of democratic institutions

The Executive, the Judiciary  and the Legislature

Form the backbone of the Government.
The press and the media, forms the fourth estate

And keeps/ informs  and enlightens the public

This is the Parliamentary form of Govt. in India,

The Head of the which is the Prime Minister
While the head of the Nation is the President

The Prime Minister is appointed by the President,
And his council of ministers too  by the President

But on the advice of the Prime Minister.

The Council of ministers responsible to the Lok Sabha,

And if the Money bill fails,
They all have to go.
The Executive’s work is to carry out the laws,

While the Legislature frames the laws,

If the policies/Laws are challenged,
There is Judicial review,
One can go the High Court or Supreme Court,

They will amend or strike down the law for you!

And that is how the  Judiciary checks the laws.