Perfect Love ( Please read this!!)

Perfect Love

Love is not what you see in the movies
Love is not only romantic
Love is not about you or me
It does not cause dramas nor chaotic
Love is selfless not selfish
Love , hope and faith, not wish
Love is not a figure of speech
But actions with few words
Love serves and forgives
Jealousy and envy
Belongs to the enemy
Love goes beyond ordinary
Love is special  and hard to find
Its different and its not in the worlds dictionary
It lives in pure hearts like mine!
Love is not money or luxury
Love has friends like you and me
They are like, humble, thankful, patience, joy and many more
But same like us, Love has its enemies
Murder, Lies, Cheat and Abhor
Love is pure, brave, honest and bold
Love is not a thing that can be bought or sold
Love purifies, cleanses, renews the soul
It’s vast and fills many broken holes
Love is one you should highly seek
It can easily be found but hard to accept
For some, Love is too hard to contain
So they go for the love that comes with many pain
That is the world’s love which is phony
Its easier to accept but its all B.S and Boloney !
Hook up, break up, cry
Hook up, break up, cry
Phony lives! And Love dies
There’s many variety of one’s opinion of Love
No! no no! that’s not True!
Love is not many ways but One way!
Society sees it that way
But what does society know?
They let our sisters be players so they can call them hoes
Society has a beauty standard that makes MANY beautiful girls go into DEPRESSION
Society has there ways in deception
All society wants is evil attentions
The Love I’m talking about , society know not
But the Love of God
Which is unconditional, everlasting and unfailing
Whom ever does not know God
Does not have this Love
And whom ever does not have this Love
Does not know God
BUT! The Love of God is for EVERYONE!