For a very long time, I have kept hidden low,

Up until now, I continue to hide behind your shadow.

Not knowing when I'll be able to see,

The bright side of life that was destined for me.


Hiding has pretty much been my only friend,

It's better to hide than to know how it ends.

So I'd rather not say or share a single word,

For these words weren't meant to be heard.


Silence is the best way for me to survive,

And sometimes I bleed just to know I'm alive.

It will fade away, but only for a while,

But when it comes back, I accept it and smile.


With too much pain going on, I can't tell which is real.

And sometimes I give up just to forget how to feel.

So I'd rather just suffer and face reality,

But I don't want the world to see me.


You kept on hurting me, that's what I observed.

I started to think that this is what I deserve.

I'll keep on taking it, since there's no way on letting it out.

Even if they were in words, no one will understand what it's about.


So maybe you should just leave alone.

I realized that I am pretty much on my own.

I guess everything is made to be broken,

And I have to fix it to reach heaven.