lezyl legaspi

Random Thoughts

So many things I wanted to say

But the words were stuck inside my head

So many dreams I wanted to make

But they're gone abruptly as I lie in my bed


Like a child, lost and confused

I tried to find my way home

But the road I chose to take

Leads only to an empty room


I don't know where or how to start

Afraid of getting drowned in truths and lies

'Cause all I could recall were my mistakes

Everytime I close these tired eyes


Should I get used to it

And be imprisoned in the past?

Or should I begin to wander off

Until there's no more to ask?


Should I chase the day

And wait for the sunset to come?

Or should I cry my tears away

Until all these sorrows are gone?


Should I keep wishing on the stars

And hope that one would fall?

Or should I keep staring at my phone

Until someone will make a call?


These random thoughts circling 'round my head

Never really had them heard

These things I wanted badly to say

Never really had the courage to speak