Nothing To Fear

  Bring to me lavender whispers

In cups of soothing warm tea

Over the dreamy purple fields

Lift my spirit above the acorn trees

Into that force within that pulls on the light

Cutting all the tethered strings

Used to restrain my windblown mind

Lift up my heart that it may fly

With eyes that have been dried

Of all but its happy tears

Give my peace a new revelation

That no earthly hand has power

Let these new wings take an uplifting new breeze

Carry me over yonder Troubled Mountains

To rest my wings in a new state of relaxed mind

Wet my feet in streams of colorful Koi

Feed me with that which is food for a god

Fill my belly with grasshoppers and honey

Quench my thirst with women and song

Ferment my wine out of grapes of knowledge

When I walk on the far banks of the river side

No stone will cut or bruise my being

I will not look back on this life 

To see no farther than the welcomed end.


                                        © James W. McRight Jr. 2013