And So I Wonder

Silence the ones who dare

to march to a different drummer

still their feet and their voices.

You must follow the regime

believe the lies, don't speak the truth

repeat the mantra of the masses,

individual thoughts are forbidden!

Turn in your guns, turn your backs on religion

if you believe differenly

than the fearless leader

dare not to speak them outloud,

you will be beat down with words,

spit upon with vicious vitriol,

called names and belittled by the

mindless followers of the leader.

They bow at his feet,

are willing to trade freedom

for free gifts and money.

Weakened they sold their souls

for thirty pieces of silver.

I am saddened by what I see,

my great country so divided,

our Constitution in shambles

and so I wonder...

will they wake up and save themselves

or fall all the way down the rabbit hole.