Silence of the Hooves

Her hair flew in a fiery mane

wild in the wind that whipped around her

as she pushed her horse harder in

their strange uncontrolled gallop

across the deserted meadow.


Her face contorted in rage

she yelled profanities into the air

froth foamed on the horse’s mouth

as he struggled to do her will

the fear in his eyes grew deeper.


She was possessed! And her possession

owned her will – her jealousy filled her.

Once beautiful she had grown ugly

no inner love to surface

to bring peace to her tortured soul.


The whip struck harder and faster

the horse stumbled and fell

his heart strained to the limit

thundering hooves are silenced

under his cruel and spiteful burden.


His withers trembled – his body went down

and with him his abusive rider

she called out but one heard

her angry hateful voice is stopped

as she lay dead beneath the horse.