Im so excited,

Home ill be reunited,

My ute react's,

Dog's in the back,

Trailer full of supplie's,

2 am I'm alive,

Road will be mine,

1000km's to drive,

Not my first time,

Won't be my last time,

11 hr's I'll be tired,

My gate i'll arrive,

Daylight not on my side,

Tree's across my driveway,

Chainsaw on my back,

Cutting tree's off my track,

Drive up the track,

To my shack,

Can't hit the sack, Wildlife in my shack,

Eviction is fact,

Generator started,

Refigerater cold hearted,

For the food required,

Need to unpack,

A trailer fully stacked,

Trailer unpacked,

8pm I can relax,

I'll have a snack,

Get drunk to the max,

Crash in the sack,

Finish the rest in the morning.

Colin Bradley.