Go to Sleep

I’m surrounded by un-even laughter

Not sure where it’s coming from

I cannot begin to devour

The thoughts and stares, this sum is terrifying

But I guess I… I… I... I would tear your voice out, if I had
the will

I would steal your life and bag it up and throw it away

I would snatch your heart up, stab it while it’s beating

Take your will to live as one conservative being

Don’t blame me

Don’t blame me please, I didn’t want this

I didn’t want you to leave,

It’s not my fault you waved your finger say that they are

don’t think I wouldn’t have saved your breath

even at the cost of my own life

I don’t owe one, don’t say I owe you one

I don’t owe you one, don’t say I own you one!

Living silent, this torment is killing me

Pain and pleasure mixed within this lifeless body

Why do you stall the chance to be

Left alone, set free

I don’t get why you keep on living

Seeing you like this torments me

Playing my mind like a raddle

Please wake up or go to sleep