Its feel like I\'m running out of time.

Its feel like ill never find the girl I can really call mines.

The one I can wake up next to, open up the blinds and just watch the sun shine off her beautiful eyes.

Give her a kiss on her cheek as I tell her goodbye .

I just want someone who loves me for me.

Someone who can be my T-A in team and I can just be the M an E (me).

Someone who knows and understands love.

Understand that love hurts, but knows that love can heal it all.

Someone who trusts me, they know I would never let them fall.

Someone I can trust, if I was hanging off a cliff they would never let me go.

Someone I don’t always have to say “I love you” first, some time I wouldn’t mind replying “I love you to”.

It’s the little things that mean the most.

Like when I come in from work ask me how my day was, boo come lay down let me rub your back cause she already know where it hurts.

I’m just trying to find that someone for me.

That perfect Someone that God made for me…….