it wont happen again

Shattered image in the looking Glass I don\'t recognise the women staring back. I have become unrecognized by all that I\'ve known. my isolated prison I have pretended was home. I hide between the walls of lies with screaming sighs and Blacked eyes.

isolated scared to end or resist. pretending my truth doesn\'t exist. It won\'t happen ever again. I ve heard it before. How many times can I be hook by hopes lure? How many times can I pretend he is cured?

 I wear the darkness around my eye sleep deprived YES but this darkness is nothing natural. Another day I hide...Hiding my transgression my blacked bruised broken skin. Hiding behind a empty promise it won\'t happen again. I cover more then my face. I cover his accountability. My Body scarred covered up like his behavior. savior now speaking his hollow words it won\'t happen again. Believed it once upon a time long ago my fairy tale ended with the first blow. 

 its my debt to pay time and time again. I have shifted the blame its my own doing not him. Shame is mine he didn\'t mean to its me. I shouldnt have i say and taste the blood of reality.It won\'t happen again if you do this or don\'t do that  Playing tit for tat excusing the unexcused.

my truth is free once I stop the excuse. I am not at fault for this abuse. He meant to each time and it will hapoen again. Freedom is at my own demand time to get up and take a stand. Speak only truth quit believing the lie. It won\'t happen again means something new. I won\'t allow it to happen became something true. It won\'t happen again this I say proud because I deserve better and I say it loud... it won\'t happen again because I now see the beautiful women reconised by me