Broken Down

I can’t wait for life to over

When the pain has gone away

when all of my flaws

will be left in the past days

I want to stop feeling guilty

I want the hurt to end today

Because there is so much a girl can take

before she finally breaks

being on this earth

makes me feel like I\'ve been locked up my whole life

as if I\'ve been brutally beaten

With rumors, hate and lies

The pain that I feel in my heart

has been there for years

from the things that I’ve been told

to the many shedded tears

when I would lay in my bed at night

and cry myself to sleep

because I was never perfect

I could not live up to the wannabe’s

I was always the girl who couldn’t

the one that tried to hard

Now there is no turning back

because I have traveled to far

I’ve been walking for so long

that I can’t feel my body anymore

I have been chased by many things

I don’t even feel the sore

I’ve been dragged in the dirt

And spit in the face with hurtful truths

I have been chased by my flaws

and this has all been amuse

to those I called friends

they\'re the ones who said would hold me down

but they have somehow become my enemies

with my hand calling for help, still on the ground

So I\'ll let my body feel the pain

I\'ll wait till im dead asleep

I\'ll wait until the sun stops shining

until there is