Lonely Kills


This loneliness is killing me

I just can’t take it anymore,

These demons are overtaking me

And I’m feeling so poor.

I am not rich in strength

But impregnated with pain,

And the next thing I know

There’s blood all over my veins.

I feel like I’m walking through an alley

In the middle of the night,

Physically and mentally messed up

Chained up and all blind.

These voices keep talking

And I’m trying to ignore,

But their voices are getting louder

As I’m lying on the floor.

All day and all night

I remember of my mistakes,

How stupid and an idiot

I was to run away.

My past will always follow me

It just never goes away,

I’m chained to my past

And memories never fade.

These scars are just my past

For all those tormented times

I just couldn’t control

That my hand had the knife.

I no longer have feelings

My heart has disappeared,

I’m left with a whole in place

Just waiting for that day to near.

The day this agony is over

And I’m no longer in pain,

When no one has to worry

About this crazy broken lame…