When a boy tells you they love you

when a boy tell you he loves you

you better believe those 3 words

because there is a reason why he tells you

but he wishes that you didnt know

that his defintion is wack

its not the same as yours

better buy him a dictionary

because love is a joke

when a young boy tells you he loves you

better open your eyes wide and look

better believe your not on the same page honey

hes in a totally different book

he just loves the way your hair smells

when  his arms are around your body

he loves how easy it was for him

to make you feel like a somebody

he will make you get goosebump

till you cant feel it no more

he will make your knees weak

till you feel like falling to the floor

where you will wish he would pick you up

and sweep you from your feet

but trust me daring hes a dog

that just wants to eat some meat

when he tells you he loves you

he means he loves your ways

how its easy for him to get you in bed

and loves getting layed

loves how much you care

knows your down for him forever

but love doesnt really exist in his world

it was just a move so clever

in his head he succeeded

and you were the prize

but you got to be strong

got to be wise and realize

that you are just a game

and he is the player

believe me when i say you want to quit

because you are not a forever

when he tells you he loves you

he knows its the deal breaker

but dont fall for his cheap moves

because he will only make you feel safer

but that feeling only last so long

that feeling will be gone

and so will he and the rest of his charms

please open your eyes

and dont let the tears run

because when he moves onto his next team

cant say you werent warned

when he tells you he loves you

hes just trying to break your heart

i know what i am saying

because ive been down that road for so long

with guys that got moves