Christmas is suppose to be such a joyous time for all,

But nobody seems to notice the not so happy souls

They all walk the street with smiling faces, packages and songs

And  just like me, they try to hide the sadness in their souls.

Christmas nostalgia is here again, making our hearts feel heavy

Missing the Christmases of long ago, that now, are gone, forever.


Those often forgotten people, now they all come back to mind,

Together with the happy times, those times of laughter and wine,

Oh! How I long for those olden days, when youth was our king

It made me love the whole world, happiness reign supreme.


The Christmas carols that we sang, which made me feel so merry

Now, all they do is bring me pain and memories sometimes scary.

Those memories sometimes so sweet, they make my heart shiver

Longing for those days of joy and laughter, now gone, I still don’t believe it


Those were the days of long ago, now forever gone; all I have left of them are photos and those now sad, Christmas songs.

 Bittersweet, sad, they still fill me with wonder, was it all real?

Will it come back? Or is my life forever out of keel,

Christmas nostalgia, is all it is, soon it will be all gone,

Life once again will be sweet, just like in all those Christmas songs.