Melissa walls

Self-built prison

Have you ever been to prison?  With walls that reach so high?  With gates and barbed wires keeping you locked inside?  This self-built prison, that I have created on my own, has me buried beneath the sand and I\'m completely all alone. My walls cannot be broken, no one seems to have a key. The things that have me all chained up, they\'re cutting into me. It\'s a dark and lonely place, yet, is here I tried to hide. Facing life on life\'s terms, leaving me believing all of my own lies. I fear no one can help me out; no one seems to hear my screams. I\'m scared of what I have become. Help me God, I cannot breathe. Every step I seem to take drops me down upon my knees. Can someone help me back up on my feet? Dear Jesus, can\'t you see that I\'m in need? I\'ve abandoned everything I\'ve know no. I\'ve ran from all that I hold dear. I can\'t seem to make it back, I live in constant fear. Can I reach the shoreline? Make it back from what I have become? Will I ever reach the point where I no longer feel so numb? Will I ever feel the sun shining on my face? Or must I keep treading  waters keeping me stuck in this ugly place? I feel I\'m losing all control. My strength is fading fast from me. The one thing that keeps me going, is knowing someday God will set me free.