Whispers From Above

The limit has been reached, the time has finally come.

A secret once revealed is sure to sadden some.


What is this secret that has been long well kept?

A promise must be broken now, a fact he must accept.


“Find another and be happy” words from his dying wife,

“Promise you’ll be happy and start a whole new life.”


His love for her, so deep and true, no other could replace.

The hole within his broken heart, nothing left but empty space.


He promised to love only her for all eternity.

Forsaking all hopes and dreams, no other could be worthy.


From within the gallows, the rope is high and tight.

Standing on unbalanced chair, is this the final night?


A man who is downtrodden, an ending to his pain.

Being all alone now, there’s nothing left to gain.


Preparing to step off, a voice from high above

Whispers softly in his ear “You are my one true love”


“I am always with you. I’ve never been very far.

You are so much stronger. You know you truly are”


“I promised to always love you until the end of time

I kept this promise, my sweet love, now you must keep mine”


“Your happiness gave me strength and birthed peace within my soul.

Do not break the promise made for it is your life long goal”


“This time of loneliness will soon pass and finally meet its end,

For I will guide her to you. She will be your 2nd best friend”


With the rope removed from his neck, he steps down to the floor.

Tears flowing down his cheeks, thoughts of death are nevermore.


Knowing he is not alone, confirmed by his one true love.

Another life has now been saved by whispers from above.