One dead night

Stumbling over my clothes, I become bare.
Submitting to my own needs for once without a care.

Wondering if you\'re  taken by me or if your cock just needs tender love and care.

Will you make me breakfast?
Should I leave tonight?
will your sex induced coma make you want me for life?

We met at a bar,
you said I was yours,
called me darlin and babe and promised me so much more.

I took your hand, thinking we were going to the promised land.

Here we are in a drunken stooper, your flat a pile of shit with clothes strung all over.

As you slide your dick in me,
I moan so softly sweet,
All the while thinking you are nothing to me.

I am no longer babe,
I am no longer darlin,
I am just a little drunken whore,
and now there is no stoppin.

I start to cry,
perhaps I\'m getting used,
the bastard says it\'s only tears of pleasure and promises he\'s almost through.

It all happened so fast,
I can barely recall,
as I slid that dagger deep into his jaw.