Nero Banz

Veins reaching from heaven to earth

As I look at the night painted encasement.

My memories of you begin to play with my emotions.

Two crystal drops fall down my cheeks.

The link between you and me, separated by a thin line of uncertainty.

The thought being with you are now in the realm of dreams and fantasy and nothing to be proven true.

My body is ice now and my heart frozen.

You meant to me the most and now I’m alone.

I feel Hades and his demon pulling me into a hole of despair and misery.

But I stand firm and will not given into these demonic ideals.

For I know you lived a life full of joy and love.

On the day I first meet you it was love at first sight

Though I can’t remember the day or your face but I know that I loved you.

You were always there with me.

Pulling me along and wanted to do the best for me.

My memories of you are infinite and I will never forget until the day I die.

I feel so much darkness and I carry a heavy heart like atlas and the boulder.

I’m lost without you and everything seems so lifeless now.

I don’t know what to do anymore.

Everything happens for a reason but why this to me.

It’s almost the time of celebration and presents.

When the world is the coldest and I need your embrace to make me feel warmer.

I know your were in pain and this for the better.

But you know what?

You are never going to be gone forever.

There something that links you and me.


Veins reaching from earth into heaven.

For I came from you and our blood is the same.

From the first moment you heard me cry.

From time you held me in your arms.

Even when you were gone and held your hand.

When I bleed I think of you.

Because mine blood is yours and yours mines.

As they drop the encasement into the ground.

The outside full of death and despair but locked inside full of love, memories and joy.

I smile.

Because your never gone as long as I am here.

So dear mother enjoy your eternal sleep.

For one day you may wake from your sleep and see me smiling right beside you.