I see you

I see you standing there.

By that old oak tree.

Your blonde hair flowing.

In that summer breeze.

Your eyes are green.

Greener than the grass.

Beneath  our feet.

Your eyes shined brighter than the stars above.

Your laugh is deeper than the sea.

My heart stops when you look at me.

You make my heart want to sing.

When you waved at me.

God gave me you and He gave you only to me.

I see you standing there smiling.

Which makes my heart stop.

You took my hand.

And never let it go.

You stood beside me.

Through  out this messy life.

I gave you my heart.

You took it and Locked it away.

You never sold it.

Or gave it away.

You kept it for yourself.

You never let me go.

And never took me for granted.

For in my heart.

And soul.

You belong to me.

I love you forever.

Forever till I die.