Mike carter

La belle Amore (Beautiful love)

Network of lines ~ beneath weary eyes

wipe away tears ~ you have recently cried

Memories of old ~ snapping loud at your feet

as you shake your head ~ as you walk down the street


A letter he wrote ~ saying he’d be back soon

warmth from the sun ~ perfect for June

Photo displayed ~ in an old eight by ten

causing the tears ~ to start flowing again


lifetime of dreams ~ that you hide in a smile

and not going out ~ staying in for a while

deep apple pie ~ so hot oven fresh

grandmas old recipe ~ put to the test


long walks alone ~ as the sun leaves the sky

not mindful of strangers ~ as they’re passing by

letters now faded ~ all tied in a bow

too many memories ~ with nowhere to go


love of your life ~ lying still fast asleep

a kiss on the cheek ~ so in dreams you will meet

billowing dress ~ like a kite in the breeze

watching the branches ~ dance in the trees


thinking of days past ~ oh so long ago

people now gone ~ and those that you know

stand arm in arm ~ then kiss him once more

a perfect example of ~ La belle Amore