Mike carter

In heaven given time

Someone whispered close your eyes
together this we’ll do
Wipe away the tears you cry
For I will take the pain from you

Yes you must have questions
I’ll try to answer too
Before the darkness falling
starts blocking out the view

Don’t talk now no need too
I can see inside your mind
Why the clocks not ticking
When it always ran on time

And why the sun is shining
Yet you can taste the rain
Because your soul is leaving
and only memories will remain

time for us to go now
we must be on our way
my angel wings in silence
will help carry us this day

to heaven we will travel
where you will join your friends
although your life is over
it will never really end

hush no tears be shedding
lift up your head and see
a golden light that shining
that waits for you and me

think kindly of those others
that you must leave behind
for one day they will join you
in heaven given time