Mike carter

I\'m Not

I\'m not going to play your games no more
I won’t support your war
I’ve watched as the world gave up the fight
And saw all the tall trees fall
we let all the crops fail one by one
gave rise to pollution too
as the words on global warming
were lost on me and you

I have seen man send a rocket
to the very depths of space
In a search for truth and wisdom
did we forget this very place
I’m not going to sing your song no more
And to dance doesn’t mean a thing
Insincere words are bandied round
As warning bells they ring

There is danger round each corner
and disease upon the land
but we just shut our eyes to pain
and slowly wring our hands
there’s a thousand acres burning
and a drought out on the plains
but we carry on watering the flowers
while we’re waiting for the rain

so I’m not going to play your games no more
I’m just going to sit and cry
and watch as another crisis
oh so slowly passes by
take the elephant ,and gorilla
and oh so many more
but listen very carefully
as extinction knocks upon your door

Don’t hold your breath for salvation
for that’s polluted too
we know the world is dying
and yes just what to do
our time is almost over
the sky it grows so dark
It’s up to you and me now
but where then do we start

I’m not going to play, no not going to play
Play your games no more