I often wished I could go back
Back to that first week and stay in it
Stay in the moment when I didnt REALLY know you,
Back when you felt you had so much to prove to me. And I was consumed with the belief that you were different.

Back before you got comfortable and took off your shoes off ....
Along with the mask..
Allowed me to see how emotionless ur eyes was
How cold ur heart was
How heartless you was
How u enjoyed throwing stones at fragile Objects
How it was all a game , trying to see how many disappointments my heart could take before it break
I wish I never knew you
I wish that mask was a person
I\'m beyond the point wishing it was you
My heart is over you , it\'s fragile but it\'s not glass
So You ain\'t break its
You jus got me still looking for that real life mask ........