I am Trayvon Martin

I am Trayvon Martin
I am young and black
I died before my time
I died because some hispanic man thought he was a cop , but he was only neighborhood watch
I died because I was black on a white mans block
I died because a hispanic man name zimmerman had a hammer and he wanted to treat me like a nail
So he began to bang ,he bang until I fell
I died and he walked away he hasn\'t spend a day in jail
He told the cops that I was a threat
A threat to who ?a threat to him?
All I had was a pack of skittles and a ice tea ,and he weighed 100 more pounds than me
And he had a gun so you tell me who was tha threat
I guess being young and black with a hoodie on in Florida makes u a threat
Now you tell me this ain\'t racist at its best