Catherine Houston

Hurricane Katrina

She took so many lives

She destroyed a whole city

She created so much pain

She stole lives, children, animals 


She put so much distance between me and my son

Heartache doesn\'t even explain

What she has down to me or my son

I asked myself

Will I ever breath again?


 Will she destroy me?

Will she be the death of me?

Then I thought...

Next words came out...


You will not sink me in my own tears

You will no longer paralyze me

I am stronger than all the wind you created

I am stronger than the waves that you produced

That is why I came out floating on a wave

You sunk me with a door on my head

But I still rose to the top

You told me I was alone


That death was soon to arrive

You tried to steal his life

Took half his blood

But God gave me the courage of a soldier that day

It did not mater that I could not touch bottom 

It did not mater that I could not see my hand in front of me

I still dove straight in

I came back with a team of love

We paddled down Tulane Avenue with two by fours

You put a stumbling block ahead of us

We were turned away from soldiers

But he still survived

You took his strength

But we joined hands and chose to fight the battle at hand

His body hung on my back

With his arms wrapped around my neck

You wanted me to choke

You wanted me to fall

You filled me with his blood

But he still survived

You took so many lives

You left the elderly behind in wheelchairs

Infants in cribs

You aloud CYS to keep our children

You flooded records to our open cases

You left us to be consumed in stress

You told me 

That I would never win

You was the number one cause

You told me I would not breath much longer

That life was not worth living

With out my son 

Corey Bernard Best the 2nd

But the LORD has opened my eyes

He said daughter

You will see him again

You will hug him again

He is closer than you think

I spark of HOPE appeared 


I new that we will shine together again one day

Son I am still searching

One thing I know for sure

Is we will be together again soon

Your mother loves you

Community smile because he is coming home one day

He is just a blink away

Son I know the LORD has you in his arms

The angles have arose

Patience son

You are coming home

Says Our Heavenly Father

I truly love you with my whole heart

As long as my eyes are opened

I will continue the search for my lost son


Written By, 

Catherine Houston

Mother of COREY BERNARD BEST the 2nd

My date of Birth 10/21/1983

Son your date of birth 10/24/2001

Father Corey Bernard Best 


Son mommy is coming to reunite