anonymous hippie

Lucy (worth the read 😉)

Picking her up,
With a smile
As you give her the keys,
You know you\'re ready for this trip

Knowing she\'s with you
She\'s with you but she\'s not
She talks in waves
Decreasing the hold on the actuality
Increasing your grip on reality,
Crashing down,
Continuously repeating depending on environment
But you won\'t slip away just yet
Let the confusion take hold don\'t fret
She\'s the most wonderful girl you will have met

Bringing desperation and security
Feeling your feelings, feeling unlike you had in weeks
Feeling feelings unlike feeling
Knowing all
Not knowing
Not feeling
But Being
Feeling, knowing, being

Retaining a higher truth
Her oration precipitating a unique sensation
Its crescendo brings her closer and peaks
A gradual diminuendo brings the end near
As her voice disappears
So does she,
Along with the truth
Along with the feelings
Until you\'re left with your thoughts,
Also coming in waves
Not knowing, not thinking, not feeling,
That it was all actuality
And as quick as she came,
She was gone

But perhaps she was there the whole time,
Before your smile as you picked her up
Before you let her take over
Before you let her leave you
Her manifest influence was present,
Before you handed her the keys-your senses
Of the deepest recess,
Perhaps she was and will always be there,
Residing in your head
Unknown to you as she left you feeling
Feeling neither alive or dead
But as reality becomes actuality
And actuality becomes a reality
Your thoughts ascertain your own higher truth:
The reality of your actuality is actually that reality is your actuality
But maybe this truth is just all in your mind
Like her,
Your thoughts
The keys
The trip with her
Or maybe it\'s the acid