Izzi Lynn


Scary movies late at night
Chocolate chip pancakes with melted syrup
Outside excursions
Mud fights
Creative videostars
Trampolines and loud music
Hot lacrosse practices
Intertwined voices on happy evenings
Watching out windows clinging to each other scared silly from horror films


It’s so hard to forget you
Because all these memories
Shine bright in my night
Like a fire in the darkness
It’s so hard to forget you
Because every time I try
I’m reminded of these beautiful times
And now I’ve come to realize
I live for these beautiful lies
I live for these beautiful memories
I live for this beautiful pain
And though our time has come and gone
I still love to think back
And remember how beautiful our friendship was
Before it spoiled
We were beautiful and rare
Like the Night Blooming Cereus flower we were stunning
Not just stunning, but show-stopping amazing
And then we died out
The brightest flames burn out the quickest