Together they march

Towards a battle of theirs

Some ready and strong

Others feeling like it\'s wrong


Here comes the enemy

Swords out, bows drawn

The clash begins, metal rings

Now death the angel sings


What started the fighting?

Is it our fault or theirs?

Why spill brother’s blood

And then lay sisters in the mud


A sword in the ground

A mother’s love now sorrow

An arrow through the head

A father’s pride let go


We fight and kill without cause

Playing as God’s executioner

Murder not justified

Life and love denied


We’re all the same

Born to live and prosper

It’s all a fight for survival

A damn deadman’s carnival


It’s for the entertainment

For ourselves and each other

To spill the blood of humans

And all for one’s amusement


A leader lamenting his defeat

A catastrophe begins to commence

A ruler grinning and laughing

A body unknown, life worthless