Amber Hawken

Kicking The Habit

There is no substance worse than me, 

Dare to try me yourself and you will see, 

You will do anything to feel me in your vein,

As when I\'m not you\'ll go insane,

I will make you do things you won\'t believe,

Like beg,lie,steal and deceive,

You\'ve heard of my power yet still you doubt me,

 Can\'t live with me or without me,

You\'re now my slave and I own your soul,

Your life is no longer yours to control,

I\'ll crack the whip and pull on your reins,

Tighten the noose and secure the chains,

Where once was pride now is shame,

A worthless nobody without a name,

Its a long,steep climb back to the top,

But you can\'t lose nothing ,

if nothings all you got,

So I challenge you to defeat me,

If you do I\'ll set you free,

Its day one and you feel fine,

But will you stand the test of time?

Its day two and you got through the night,

Even though it took all your might,

I laugh and rejoice as you beg for me,

On bended knee on day three,

I bring you war on day four,

As you sit there wretching on the floor,

Its day five you\'re still alive,

Even though you\'re dying on the inside,

You pray for salvation on day six,

As you hold onto your crucifix,

The angels sing up in heaven,

As you win the fight on day seven,

As dawn greets you on day eight ,

You\'re now drug free and feeling great,

Life\'s once again yours to contemplate,

You took me on and you have won,

Except the hard part has just begun,

I bid you goodbye and farewell ,

As I release you from my hell,

Suddenly right in front of my very eyes,

God appeared from the skies,

In the voice I knew and had always heard,

He said I owe it to others to spread the word,

About heroin and it\'s terrible curse,

How my life could\'ve turned out worse,

Now for me there is hope because I\'ve found the antedote,

To the poison that leaves precious lives broken,

Never a truer word I have spoken,

The hardest part is not falling off this wagon,

Refusing to chase after that dragon,

As G-d faded in the distance,

I thanked him for his persistance,

For the gift of life and believing in me,

For the strength i need to be drug free