the old cherry tree

It rained last night
It rained cats,dogs and mice
It rained so hard
That the drops beat my back
Drop after drop
The ground soaked the pour
It didn’t just pour
The wind blew left and right
It got so strong
It knocked down the old cherry tree
By old Mr. Fletcher’s house
The old man’s glass window
Got shattered by a big branch
From the fallen old tree
“It’s been here many years “
The old man said
“This tree and its cherries”
When it gets dark
The vixen came by to call for her mate
By this old cherry tree
The bearded tit birds had their nests
In the middle of this old cherry tree
This tree stood through summer and spring
It provided shade and shelter
When the house got hot
When Mrs Fletcher nagged about everything
From the tobacco stains from my pipe
To the sound I made when I snored at night
The old cherry tree is gone
My friend we will boil the leaves
And have a cup of tea.