Don\'t Let Go

Let go of your pride but don’t let go of this love cause we have got so much to gain from it

I won’t let go of your caring hands cause your touches fills my body and soul with passion making me feel safe and warm whenever I am with you

I don’t really care how hard things get being together with you, nothing is worse than being apart; without you in my life

Never let some issues that can be solved become more relevant and important than the love we both share

You have slipped under my skin, infected my blood, captured my soul and taken possession of my heart

You know we are too legit to quit and just can’t get out of this easily so why don’t we just get into it wholeheartedly

Open your arms to change but don’t let go of your treasure

No matter how much it feels like things are hard and still kind of the same, change is constant and life is all about change

Change will definitely come in this life of struggling and things will certainly move forward

I believe yesterday can never be recovered but tomorrow can be ours if we decide to win by lighting tomorrow with today

I only study the past to define the future cause I believe the best way to predict the future is by creating it

I feel the only way we can correct our mistakes in the past is by adding better values to the future

I will never waste my life in friction when I know it could be turned in momentum in a tickle of an eye

I can forget whatever hurts me today but I will never forget the lessons learnt and what the pains taught me

I don’t just wait for the last judgement day, believe me, it happens every day

I still strongly believe if we can surrender to the heavy stormy wind, we can ride in it

Let\'s give thanks for what life has got to offer now and keeping our hopes up hustling and grinding for a better tomorrow

Let\'s enjoy life to the fullest when we can and learn how to endure when we must

At times when life seems to be hopeless, let try our best possible way to rearrange things using the struggles and pain as a dose of dopeness