him, sweet lies...


I miss him with every cell in my body

I miss the laughs and the smiles

I miss how everything felt so clear with him

He was the light in my darkness

And i hurt him

I still remember the first time i laid my eyes on him

My soul swelled up with happiness

I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him

He made me so happy

But now things have changed

I let my mind get  in the way of a perfect love

Where has the time gone?

I am weak without him in my broken life

I feel small without him by my side

And i am not good with thoughts, words nor emotions but

When i am with him i know what i want…

And that’s him.

His smile fills me with pride

His eyes drown me in lust

His laugh cures my pain

And i want to get lost with him

I want to spend a lifetime in his arms

Listening to every word his has to say

Because everything makes sense when he speaks

He is the love of my life

I swear i will never love the same because

i have seen and tasted the sweetest of loves with him

The world seems lighter when he is near

The flowers are brighter and the birds sing louder

He is the center of my world

Center of my thoughts

He is beauty

He is life

He was mine.

And i left him.

I didn’t see how perfect he was until i left him

He is my love

I can’t believe i was so blind to see his perfection this whole time

Yet his heart is falling for another, how foolish i am to think this would work

While i thought we had something special he would rather find someone new

But new, isn’t going to be me, love you like me, kiss you like me, she isn’t me…

And while you  were crushing on me you threw me away for her

So i don’t want to say these nice things anymore

Because i end up hurt…

Maybe i am stupid

maybe i fell for the wrong man maybe i am blind to see nobody wants me maybe i need to want for myself