Dear Mom Pt.1

By Arcassin Burnham

Filling out all of my vices in a box that I could never escape from,
My life is like an ant getting stepped on crying buffalo tears,
I\'ve lost so much already in this world cringing from my knees to my thumbs,
Putting up with your shit and sad excuses is actually the real nightmare,
Don\'t beat yourself up too much when I\'m gone and when your funeral has passed and went,
Even in death I\'ll be the mistake you created to provoke you to not care as much as you do now,
I\'ll never be like you and choose favorites,
I\'ll never be like you and just taught,
I\'ll never be like you , I\'ll never be like you and get off by locking your kid away,
My parent skills won\'t be subdued,
Telling people that you\'ve done what you possible could do,
But he\'s a lost cause,
A lost cause with talent and lyrical spiritual voodoo to earn himself an award one day,
But you don\'t see that,
You didn\'t have that,
So ridicule me,
I\'ll never do that to any of my kids,
As a matter of fact I\'ll get everything on their wish list,
You\'ll never see them grow up to tell how great daddy is..