True Lies


I was sitting in the park one day 

in the shade underneath a tree

When I saw this little squirrel come up 

and sit right next to me


I watched it sit there for a while 

then I offered it some bread

He looked around then looked at me 

\'no thanks\' I thought he said


I knew I must be hearing things 

so I said \'say that again\'

He said \'I said no thank you\' 

and I about jumped out my skin


Squirrels aren\'t suppose to talk 

or at least that\'s what I thought

But he asked me for a cigarette 

and said that\'d mean alot


I thought, this can\'t be happening 

it had to be some kind of joke

But I was sure I heard this little squirrel 

just ask me for a smoke


So I gave the squirrel a cigarette 

then sat and watched in awe

When he was done he told me thanks 

and stuck out his little paw


I shook his paw and left the park 

I\'m not sure if he\'s still there

Everyone says I imagined it 

but he asked me for a square


My doctor thinks I dreamed it all 

but I swear that it\'s the truth

If you don\'t believe my words

ask the pigeon he smoked one too