What am I going to do

What am I going to do

What am I going to do
The sound of your voice still gives me butterflies
My heart still skips a beat when I see you

I can\'t look in your eyes without melting
I look forward to seeing you every day
And I can\'t wait to speak with you on the phone

I miss you even when your gone for just a little while
The longing in my soul is for when you return

The thought of you falling in love with someone else
Breaks me, scares me to the core
The thought of you leaving me renders me helpless

What can I do, but sit idly by and watch
And pray it won\'t happen,
But I know it will
And it wipes me out, kills me

What can I do, but hope I can stay in your life in some way
Be your best friend
So I can be in your presence and talk to you sometimes

You have made my life better
Made me see life differently
Made me see myself in a whole new way

And I\'m grateful, I\'m lucky
Fortunate to have you in my life at all
For if I\'d never known you,
I\'d never have known love at all

So thank you for being you
And thank you for caring enough to be in my life
To love me at all

So what am I going to do
Just love you in silence
Love you from afar
Love you forever
That\'s what I\'m going to do