The New Cry Atlantic

Do You Hear Me?

Tell me love,
can you hear me?

Do you hear me screaming,
crying, begging your name?

This was never between us,
this wall of glass.

Its so cold to the touch,
and it burns like ice.

The only thing i see,
is your beautiful eyes.

Staring at me.

Yet as i analyze every
inch of your face,
i realize you are not sad.

In fact, you do not seem to care.

I understand i am losing you.

But wait, you are on the other side.

I will shatter this glass,
show you how much i care.

We will be happy.

As i break down this wall,
i realize you are not there.

What i saw was not a wall of glass,
it was a mirror.

A hallucination,
a blank reflection.

You were already gone.