To: Who used to my heart. From:The girl that broke yours

                                To: Who used to have my heart

There isn\'t anything worst then putting on the wrong song.

I want to forget you, but that song you showed me makes me remember.

I hate how I love you so much, but can no longer stand being in your presence.

The very sight of you makes my heart swell and the adrenaline in my body increases.

I tense up and want to talk to you, but I realize you do not deserve it.

I miss you and need you dearly, but you are to good for me.

You fucked up, as did I.

I will play that song over an over,

I will scream the lyrics until my throat hurts, and the neighbors call the cops.

A noise complaint.

What a great way to describe that song.

The song that explains my longing and heartache perfectly.

The song that creates a montage of the

good times and bad times.

The good times keeps me longing for you.

The bad time fuels my heartache.

Heartache and headaches are symptoms.

symptoms of falling in love.

I cannot deny the fact that I miss you,

but I will not admit it either.

You keep me going.

You\'re my motivation to forget and strive,

you always pushed me to do my best.

Thank you and I\'m sorry.

From: The girl that broke yours.