Loved but not forgotten

When ever I think about you
I can\'t but play all the memories of you in my head
Knowing that I won\'t see you again
When people say it\'s okay ...
But is it really ?
I went from talking to you every day and every second
To wishing I could just say I love you one more time
Cuase there\'s a burden on my chest
That I can\'t unload unless
I see you agian
The only way is to meet when I sleep
No doubt that\'s the closest to you I can get
I feel so warm and sweet
The memory of sweeping off of your feet
One sec you were swiped away from us
And now forever you will be gone
You were the whole reason why I was standing
Now it\'s hard to do that after all the thinking
So many things running through my head
But now it\'s time to sleep
Time to hold you in my arms one more time