Wondering Colors

Purple and blue.
You are bursts of light in my stomach,
Adolescent riots letting loose in a rage of poky picket signs and red, scarlet - burning desire.
Colors burst between our eyes,
Between our fingertips,
Between our sheets.
Your cold feet mingling with mine in nippy, gray mornings.
You are deep caverns of the bluest of blacks,
Sinking deep into your chest.
You are angry and soft and spiky and smooth,
All in one breath.
One breath that falls from my lips in a puff of pink smoke.
I wonder if,
She notices,
Your eyes and how they gush of brown when you look at me.
I wonder,
She notices, how you tap your fingers when you concentrate.
How you\'re wildly brilliant,
And softly observant in a burst of purple behind your eyes.
How you ache when you miss home,
And how you make one in my arms.
The fires that smolder and the riots that crawl up my throat,
Are no longer in a halting rage.
They are no longer crimson like they used to be.
You kicked water from your bluest of blacks and grayest of grays,
Onto the fires and the rebellion.
I wonder if she feels me in the fiber of your being?