Goodbye Papa

Goodbye Papa

I know I said you wouldn\'t leave me, although I seen all the signs but I wouldn\'t believe it..

Everyone saying that you\'re looking down on me smiling, that you didn\'t feel a thing, that I shouldn\'t feel this pain, I\'m just denying..

What then? What do I do? looking at a empty house as if I\'m looking for you..
Help me! Tell me, how can I go on now without you telling me what I can be?.

I looked up to you, making my move to be like you, stopping by just to see and sit next to you.. I miss you..

I still look and sometimes stare, on the porch in the old wooden chair..
How can this be!? You went too soon this life\'s not fair!.
Look I\'m just like you, I\'m bald cause I shaved off my hair..

I never really done my best, robbed the chance to see you impressed..
I fear I failed you, constantly changing my ways but still depressed..

I see now it\'s not about anyone, not even me..
I\'m searching for the only one, I wanted to be..

Finally, I seen you in the clouds smiling back at me..
Even though, I imagined it because it\'s something I need to see..
You can now rest in peace, and my heart set free..

by John Lee