The Dyslexic Poet

Less than a second.

Less than a second... that\'s all it takes, for you so see the crack in the facade, I fiercely carved into my features.. Hoping for you to turn your face even for a moment, that\'s all I need to regain my composure. A loosing battle with gravity, my dimples now so heavy to hold. Hard to remember when a smile was a smile. But aren\'t all relationships fake, we all want something. A set of standards at the very least. Expectations we secretly put on each other. And that\'s talking about the perfect friendships. But where not perfect now are we? Judging each other\'s words, facial expressions, tones of voices! How fickle we are.. Our self righteousness is preposterous. We see others faults faster then they appear. But we also see the things we hate the most about ourselves reflected in them. Our own insecurities feeding our hatred for the world. Yes when did we become so bitter? When did a smile stop being a smile.