Becky With the Good Hair

Tainted steel

Vision is crystal

Didn\'t use protection of my heart

So my baby is dead

And I like a new girl she came from the way

Bi polar with her attitude

It change everyday

Got love for another something like Tom Hanks

So I guess you can say it just casted away

Really hard to say

That I\'m looking forward to changing

I love diving in the sea of consciousness

But I don\'t know how to dive so I realize

I\'m going to get hurt and that isn\'t changing

But I\'ll give you the world on a silver platter

Just make the bullets in the mean time so we got something to aim with

Then shoot em back at me

I love an independent woman who solely needs me

But how am I supposed to be your air if I can\'t breathe

I got asthma pump for the wheeze

Just make it through this with me

In love I\'m like a child

I\'m not aesthetic

But I\'ll overdo it in the court for you

No athletics

To tell you the truth can\'t say where my head is

Somewhere up in the clouds with and without you

In my bed it\'s