Short Poem #2

It\'s been too long
Y\'all can\'t hear me talk
So y\'all can hear me through this song
That girl did me wrong

I gave that girl everything
She laughed and walked away
I trusted her with info
She leaked it all in that same day

I loved her for so long
Now I feel dumb this was a game
Clearly I was losing
Cause I\'m the one that\'s feeling pain

It\'s been about a year
And I\'m still hurting just the same
I did this to myself
So there is no one there to blame

I saw you at the fair
You saw me too but didn\'t care
You walked and sat back in your chair
You rolled your eyes and flipped you hair

I hoped that you would talk to me
Would catch back up a walk with me
But baby girl it\'s clear to see
You want someone that isn\'t me