bella cortez

Explosions in my mind.


I never thought that I could fill up my mind
with so many thoughts and regrets
That one day I would become numb
Just to erase the pain of love
What is love? 
I got your name tattooed on me
And now I live with your name forever scarred on my skin
Forgive thy self for all my sins
For all I\'ve done, you will win
Here I am
lost track of time
Blind, by a blurred image 
all the things I wished were mine
Explosions in my mind
Wishing that I could find what I\'ve left behind
I\'ve lost everything
I\'ve lost myself
I\'ve gave my soul to drugs and alcohol
and forgot what it is to be loved
That now Ive became so numb
There\'s no turning back
I\'m screaming inside
But no one seems to hear
Explosions in my mind
and even when I try to hide
You can see the the fire in my eyes
You promise you would be here
You promise me things will be alright
But when I asked for help
no friend was in sight to hold my hand
To stop me from sinking like quicksand
I was all alone
With no place to call home
I cannot sleep tonight
I call it a secret mind
I\'ve got explosions in my mind.

-Bella Cortez